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GK Questions for Bank Exams

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26. Which of the following is the currency of Dubai?
  • A. Dinar
  • B. Taka
  • C. Dirham
  • D. Dollar
27. Which of the following states cannot be called as silk producing state?
  • A. Himachal Pradesh
  • B. Karnataka
  • C. West Bengal
  • D. Tamil Nadu
28. Which of the following cups/trophies is associated with the game of Football?
  • A. Wimbledon Cup
  • B. Irani Cup
  • C. Agha Khan Cup
  • D. Subroto Cup
29. The principle of LASER is
  • A. Spontaneous Emission
  • B. Stimulated Absorption
  • C. Stimulated Emission
  • D. Spontaneous Absorption
30. The instrument for measuring the relative humidity of the atmosphere is
  • A. Altimeter
  • B. Hygrometer
  • C. Lactometer
  • D. Hydrometer