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Maths Puzzles Questions for Kids

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4. In a right angled triangle, if the lengths of the two shortest sides are whole numbers exactly and the length of the hypotenuse is 40 cm, What are the lengths of the two shortest sides?
Ans: 24 cm and 32 cm(Pythagoras).
5. Three coins are tossed in the air and two of the coins land with heads face upwards. What are the chances on the next toss of the coins that atleast two of the coins will land with heads face upwards again?
Ans: 50 percent.
It is a certainty that atleast two coins will land with the same side face up. It is equally likely that these two coins will land heads up as they will land tails upwards. It is immaterial what occurred in the previous toss.
6. My watch was correct at noon, after which it started to lose 17 minutes per hour until six hours ago it stopped completely. It now shows the time
as 2.52 pm. What time is it now?
Ans: 10 pm.
12 noon = 12 noon,
1 pm = 12.43,
2 pm = 1.26,
3 pm = 2.09,
4 pm = 2.52 + 6 hours = 10 pm.