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Inventions and Discoveries

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46. The blooding paper absorbs liquids because
  • A. It is white
  • B. It has got small pores
  • C. An absorbing chemical is mixed
  • D. None of the above
47. The instrument useful for the study of germs is
  • A. Periscope
  • B. Cardiograph
  • C. Microscope
  • D. Stethoscope
48. Lactometer is used to determine
  • A. Purity of petrol
  • B. Hydrogen in water
  • C. Purity of milk
  • D. None of these
49. Numismatics is
  • A. Study of coins
  • B. Study of stamps
  • C. Study of numbers
  • D. Study of butterflies
50. Crude petroleum is refined by the use of
  • A. Citric acid
  • B. Bleaching powder
  • C. Sulphuric acid
  • D. Hydrochloric acid