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26. What are Endpoints?
  An endpoint is the entity that a client connects to using a specific protocol and data format when consuming a service.
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27. What are the features of WCF?
  • Transactions : A transaction is a unit of work. A transaction ensures that everything within that transaction either succeeds as a whole or fails as whole.
  • Hosting : WCF hosting allows services to be hosted in a handful of different environments, such as Windows NT Services, Windows Forms, and console applications, and well as IIS (Internet Information Services) and Windows Activation Services (WAS).
  • Security : WCF also enables you to integrate your application into an existing security infrastructure, including those that extend beyond the standard Windows-only environments by using secure SOAP messages.
  • Queuing : WCF enables queuing by providing support for the MSMQ transport.
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28. Explain WCF contracts?
  Contracts in Windows Communication Foundation provide the interoperability they need to communicate with the client. It is through contracts that clients and services agree as to the types of operations and structures they will use during the period that they are communicating back and forth. Without contracts, no work would be accomplished because no agreement would happen.
    Three basic contracts are used to define a Windows Communication Foundation service :
  • Service Contract : Defines the methods of a service, that is, what operations are available on the endpoint to the client.
  • Data Contract : Defines the data types used by the available service methods.
  • Message Contract : Provides the ability to control the message headers during the creation of a message.
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29. What is the use of SessionMode?
  The SessionMode attribute specifies the type of support for reliable sessions that a contract requires or supports. The value of this parameter comes from the Session Mode enumeration.
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30. What are the types of performance counters?
    There are three types of performance counters :
  • Service
  • Endpoint
  • Operation
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