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6. What are the advantages of c language?
  • Easy to write
  • Rich set of operators and functions that are built–in
  • Support for bit–wise operation
  • Flexible use of pointers
  • Direct control over the hardware
  • Ability to access BIOS/DOS routines
  • Interacting using Interrupts
  • Ability to write TSR programs
  • Ability to create .COM files
  • Ability to create library files (.LIB)
  • Ability to write interface programs
  • Incorporating assembly language in C program
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7. What are the disadvantages of c langauge?
  • C is considered difficult to learn
  • Because of its conciseness, the code can be difficult to follow
  • It is not suited to applications that require a lot of report formatting and data file manipulation
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8. What are the salient features of c languages?
    The following are the salient features of C language are :
  • C is called a middle level language
  • C supports structured design approach
  • C is extensible
  • C is rich in data types and operators
  • C is portable
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9. What is a header file?
  Header files provide the definitions and declarations for the library functions. Thus, each header file contains the library functions along with the necessary definitions and declarations. For example, stdio.h, math.h, stdlib.h, string.h etc.
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10. What is character set?
  Character set is the set of characters allowed and supported in the programming language. Generally a program is a collection of instructions, which contain groups of characters. Only a limited set of characters is allowed to write instructions in the program.
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