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36. What is the difference between backtracking and branch and bound?
backtracking branch and bound
Solution for backtracking is traced using depth first search. In this method, it is not necessary to use depth first search for obtaining the solution, even the breadth first search, best first search can be applied.
Typically decision problems can be solved using backtracking. Typically optimization problems can be solved using branch and bound.
The state space tree is searched until the solution is obtained. The state space tree needs to be searched completely as there may be chances of being an optimum solution any where in state space tree.
Applications of backtracking are – Knapsack, sum of subset. Applications of branch and bound are – Job sequencing, TSP
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37. What are the drawbacks of AVL Tree?
  • In AVL trees frequent rotations need to be applied for making the tree balanced.
  • The balance factor of each node needs to be maintained.
  • IN AVL trees, the deletion operation is complex one.
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38. What are the different strategies of problem solving?
  There are two distinct problem solving approaches,
  • Procedural programming
  • Object oriented programming
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39. What is the difference between procedural and object oriented programming?
  The procedural programming executes series of procedures sequentially. The collection of data structure is related with each other as well as with the procedures. This is basically a top down problem solving approach.
In object oriented programming approach there is a collection of objects. Each object consists of corresponding data structures and the required operations (procedures). This is basically the bottom up problem solving approach.
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40. Is quick sort stable sorting algorithm?
  No, quick sort is not a stable sorting algorithm because after applying this sorting method the ordering of similar elements may not be preserved. (Since swapping is involved in this sorting with pivot element).
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