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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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46. The acid present in stomach juice is
  • A. citric acid
  • B. tartaric acid
  • C. lactic acid
  • D. hydrochloric acid
47. The gas which is believed to be the main cause of explosion in the coal mines is
  • A. hydrogen
  • B. methane
  • C. carbon monoxide
  • D. acetylene
48. The element with the maximum number of isotopes in nature is
  • A. carbon
  • B. hydrogen
  • C. lead
  • D. uranium
49. The harmone that contains iodine is
  • A. thyroxin
  • B. insulin
  • C. adrenaline
  • D. testosterone
50. The scientist who gave the atomic concept of matter is
  • A. Neils Bohr
  • B. Ruther Ford
  • C. John Dalton
  • D. Einstein