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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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231. Which one of the following is a protein fibre?
  • A. nylon
  • B. polyester
  • C. silk
  • D. cotton
232. German Silver is an alloy of
  • A. gold and silver
  • B. copper, zinc and silver
  • C. copper and silver
  • D. copper, zinc and nickel
233. Nail varnish remover generally contains which one of the following?
  • A. vinegar
  • B. acetone
  • C. methyl alcohol
  • D. benzene
234. A part from carbon and hydrogen provide contains
  • A. oygen
  • B. nitrogen
  • C. sulphur
  • D. chlorine
235. Green house effect causes
  • A. formation of chlorophyll in plants
  • B. heating of earth surface
  • C. growth of plant in glass house
  • D. photosynthesis in plants