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Physics General Awareness Questions and Answers

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5. Melting point of ice is
  • A. 0°C
  • B. 10°C
  • C. 1°C
  • D. -7°C
Answer: A.
6. Which of the following cannot pass through vacuum?
  • A. sound
  • B. magnetic field
  • C. light
  • D. electric field
Answer: A.
7. The power of a lens is measured in
  • A. dioptre
  • B. candella
  • C. joule
  • D. decibel
Answer: A.
8. Which of these four elements are essential for the construction of nuclear reactors?
  • A. Cobalt
  • B. Nickel
  • C. Tungsten
  • D. Zirconium
Answer: D.