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Physics General Awareness Questions and Answers

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17. The momentum of a body of mass metal moving with constant velocity is
  • A. mv2
  • B. m2v
  • C. mv
  • D. m/v
Answer: C.
18. Einstein was awareded Nobel Prize for
  • A. theory of relativity
  • B. photo electric effect
  • C. gravitational effect
  • D. quantum effect
Answer: B.
photo electric effect
19. What is the principle of a thermopile?
  • A. Zeeman effect
  • B. Seeback effect
  • C. Crompton effect
  • D. Peltier effect
Answer: C.
Crompton effect
20. The spectrum of a source of light is called
  • A. line spectrum
  • B. band spectrum
  • C. emission spectrum
  • D. continuous spectrum
Answer: B.
band spectrum