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C Languages MCQ Questions and Answers

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5. A variable declared with ____ modifier caan retain its value during function calls.
  • A. const
  • B. extern
  • C. volatile
  • D. static
Answer: D.
6. Pointers can be used to achieve
  • A. call by procedure
  • B. call by name
  • C. call by function
  • D. call by reference
Answer: C.
call by reference
7. A structure is
  • A. Scalar data type
  • B. Derived data type
  • C. Primitive data type
  • D. None of these
Answer: B.
Derived data type
8. What is the default return type of a function?
  • A. void
  • B. int
  • C. char
  • D. float
Answer: B.