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Computer Quiz Questions and Answers

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37. Which type of computer could be found in a digital watch?
  • A. Super computer
  • B. Notebook computer
  • C. Embedded computer
  • D. Mainframe
38. Which one of the following is a family of frame based computer networking technologies for Local Area Networks (LANs)?
  • A. Internet
  • B. Ethernet
  • C. Extranet
  • D. Web browsers
39. Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys are known as
  • A. Alphanumeric keys
  • B. Modifier keys
  • C. Function keys
  • D. Adjustment keys
40. A packet of information that travels between a browser and the web server is known as
  • A. Malware
  • B. Spyware
  • C. Cookie
  • D. Adware