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Odd Man Out

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1. Pick the odd man out:
  • A. Mars
  • B. Pluto
  • C. Mercury
  • D. Saturn
  • E. Sun
Ans: E.
All except Sun are planets, while Sun is a star.
2. Pick the odd man out :
  • A. Chess
  • B. Hockey
  • C. Cricket
  • D. Volley ball
  • E. Football
Ans: B.
All except Cortes are currencies, while Cortes is a Parliament.
3. Pick the odd man out :
  • A. Wheat
  • B. Barley
  • C. Rice
  • D. Pea
  • E. Mustard
Ans: A.
All except Rice are rabi crops, while rice is a kharif crop.
4. Pick the odd man out :
  • A. Elephant
  • B. Man
  • C. Hawk
  • D. Seal
  • E. Whale
Ans: C.
All except Hawk are mammals.
5. Pick the odd man out :
  • A. Honey
  • B. Pearl
  • C. Coral
  • D. Wax
  • E. Resin
Ans: D.
Resin is the only product in the group which is obtained from trees.