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Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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1. First atomic plant was constructed India at
  • A. Poona
  • B. Tarapur
  • C. Kalpakkam
  • D. Dehradun
Answer: B.
2. In Tamil Nadu the atomic power project is located at
  • A. Mettur
  • B. Tarapur
  • C. Kayathar
  • D. Kalpakkam
Answer: D.
3. In India, diamond quarrying is carried on at ____
  • A. Panna
  • B. Hirapur
  • C. Tiruchirapalli
  • D. Jaipur
Answer: A.
4. Koyali is associated with which of the following.
  • A. Newsprint
  • B. Fertilizer plant
  • C. Power plant
  • D. Petroleum refinery
Answer: D.
Petroleum refinery