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GK Questions for Bank Exams

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91. Which is the national flower of India?
  • A. Rose
  • B. Sun flower
  • C. Lotus
  • D. Marigold
92. Which of the following organizations has the privilege of issuing Bank Notes (Currency)in India?
  • A. Reserve Bank of India
  • B. State Bank of India
  • C. New Note Printing Press in India
  • D. All Nationalized Banks
93. The Aero India Show 2007 was organized in February 2007 in
  • A. Kolkata
  • B. Jaipur
  • C. Bangalore
  • D. New Delhi
94. The foreign traveller who visited India during Vijayanagar period was
  • A. Yuan Chwang
  • B. Megasthenes
  • C. Nicolo Conti
  • D. Fa–hien
95. Who was the founder of Saka era?
  • A. Samudra Gupta
  • B. Chandra Gunta Vikramaditya
  • C. Chandra Gupta Maurya
  • D. Kaniska