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Basic Grammar -> Phrasal Verb

1. Phrasal Verb :
  (i) A phrasal verb is a verb formed two (or sometimes three)parts:
a verb and an adverb or preposition.
  (ii)   These adverbs and prepositions are often called particles when they are used in a phrasal verb.
  (iii)  Most phrasal verbs are formed from a small number of verbs (for example, get, go, come, put and set) and a small number of particles (for example, away, out, off, up and in).
  (iv)  Phrasal verbs sometimes have meanings that you can easily guess (for example, sit down or look for). However, in most cases their meanings are quite different from the meanings of the verb they are formed from
  (v)  For example, hold up can mean 'to cause a delay' or 'to try to rob someone'.
  (vi)  The original meaning of hold (for example, to hold something in your hands) no longer applies.