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Grammar Basic -> Sentence Examples

1. Sentence :
  (i) A sentence is a group of words which communicates a complete thought. The various parts of a sentence are:
  (ii) A word can be divided into its 'stem' ( the basic part which contains the meaning of the word) and its 'inflection' (the ending of a word which could identify whether it is singular or plural, or which tense is it in)
a. Subject :
  (i) If we were to say in layman terms, the subject of a sentence is a name, person or thing about which the sentence is speaking.
  (ii)  To know the subject of a sentence, ask who or what before the verb used in the sentence.
   For example, in the sentence
  (iii)  ('Sheela is singing a song', if we have to determine the subject, then we must ask, 'Who is singing the song?' The answer is Sheela and that is our subject.
b. Predicate :
  (i) In simple words, we can say that a predicate is what remains in the sentence after removing the subject, so Sentence – Subject = Predicate
  (ii)  Predicate is basically everything that's been written about the subject.
   For example, in the sentence
  (iii)   our predicate in "Sheela is singing a song" will be: is singing a song.
  (iv)   As you can see, every sentence contains a subject and a predicate.
c. Object :
  (i) It is a person or a thing on which the action of the takes place in the sentence. Thus, it is something upon which the subject acts.
  (ii)  We can find out object in a sentence by asking who or what before the subject of the sentence.
   For example, in the sentence
  (iii)  'Sheela is singing a song', if we ask, 'What is Sheela singing?', we get the answer as 'a song'. Thus, the object of the sentence is 'a song'.