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Sentence Arrangement

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DIRECTIONS : In this type of questions, you are provided with the first and last parts of a sentence. The remaining sentence is broken into four parts labeled (p), (Q), (R) and (S). You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a complete meaningful sentence and then choose the correct combination.
1. The captain
(P) when engaged against the enemy
(Q) who was himself a brave man
(R) never to lose heart
(S) advised the soliders
  • A. SQRP
  • B. QPSR
  • C. QSRP
  • D. PQSR
Ans: C.
2. It has been established that
(P) Einstein was
(Q) although a great scientist
(R) weak in arithmetic
(S) right from his school days
  • A. RQPS
  • B. QPRS
  • C. QPSR
  • D. SRPQ
Ans: B.
3. In the modern times
(P) certainly
(Q) hijackings are
(R) experienced by the air personnel
(S) the most cruel form of horror
  • A. SQPR
  • B. QPSR
  • C. PRQS
  • D. RSQP
Ans: B.
4. Village and small industries while requiring limited capital
(P) can provide
(Q) a variety of goods for consumption
(R) and produce
(S) employment to large numbers
  • A. PSRQ
  • B. PRSQ
  • C. PRQS
  • D. PQRS
Ans: A.
5. We
(P) agreed with
(Q) the manner in which you said it
(R) but we objected to
(S) what you said
  • A. PSRQ
  • B. SPRQ
  • C. SPQR
  • D. PSQR
Ans: A.