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Sentence Improvement

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DIRECTIONS : Which of the words/phrases, A, B, C, and D, should replace the words/phrases given in Italics in each of the following sentences.
1. She is tallest of all the girls.
  • A. a taller
  • B. taller
  • C. the taller
  • D. the tallest
Ans: D.
The tallest
2. The robber entered into the old man’s room very quietly.
  • A. entered inside
  • B. entered in
  • C. entered
  • D. no improvement
Ans: C.
3. He enjoys to tell stories to children.
  • A. to narrate stories
  • B. telling stories
  • C. how to tell stories
  • D. none
Ans: B.
Telling stories
4. He insisted on he was innocent
  • A. insists that
  • B. insisted that
  • C. insisted on that
  • D. no correction
Ans: B.
Insisted that
5. The bag is so heavy that I can hardly carry it.
  • A. too
  • B. as
  • C. much
  • D. none
Ans: D.