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Books Author Name
As You Like It » William Shakespeare
Area of Darkness » V.S. Naipaul
Autobiography of an Unknown Indian » Arnold J. Toynbee
A Brief History of Time » Nirad C. Chaudhury
A Thousand Splendid Syus » Khalid Hosseini
Alice in Wonderland » Lewis Carrol
Beloved » Toni Morrison
Beyond the Horizon » Eugene O Neill
Black Tornado » The Three Sieges of Mumbai Sandeep Unnithan
Breakthrough » Gen. Moshe Dayan
Beating the Street » Peter Lynch
Ben Hur » Lewis Wallace
Brothers Karamazhov » Fyodor Dostoevsky
Byzantium » W.B. Yeats
Ben Hur » Lewis Wallace
Candide » G.B. Shaw
Crossing the Threshold of Hope » Pope John Paul II
Coverly Papers » Josepy Addison
Creation » Gore Vidal
Confessions » J.J. Rousseau