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Computer Awareness Questions and Answers

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1. The standard protocol of the internet is
  • A. Java
  • B. HTML
  • C. TCP/IP
  • D. Flash
Ans: C.
2. A ________ is a software program used to view web pages.
  • A. Host
  • B. Browser
  • C. Link
  • D. Site
Ans: B.
3. Which among the following is a search engine?
  • A. Google
  • B. Flash
  • C. Firefox
  • D. Internet explorer
Ans: A.
4. What is a spider?
  • A. A hacker who breaks into corporate computer systems
  • B. An application for viewing websites
  • C. A program that catalogs websites
  • D. A computer virus
Ans: B.
An application for viewing websites
5. The acronym RAM stands for
  • A. Registered Application Module
  • B. Realtime Access Memory
  • C. Remote Access Machine
  • D. Random Access Memory
Ans: D.
Random Access Memory