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1. What is Cognos Impromptu?
  Cognos Impromptu is a tool for generation of business intelligence reports.
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2. What is Cubes?
  A cube consists of a set of ordered dimensions and measures. A cube may have one or several dimensions.
  Posted by John Gladwin PS. (Feb 12, 2014)

Cube is an N diemnsional array entity. It is mainly used for adhoc reporting.We can also build report studio reports from Cube using MDX functions.

  Posted by Shiva. (Jun 18, 2013)

Cube is used to view data in multidimensional way.Cube is having two or more dimensions and it is having slicing and dicing to view the data in two dimensional.

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3. What is query subject?
  A query subject is the basic building block in framework manager. A query subject is a set of query items that have an inherent relationship.
  Posted by Sridhar. (Oct 05, 2013)

Query subject is similar to a relational table which contains columns called as queryitem.

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4. What is Report item?
  Report item is nothing but a query item when it is drag and drop into the work area.
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5. What is query items?
  Query items are mainly used in Reporting and for BI Authors it is the most essential object from the framework manager. These have lot of properties associated with them and are present in query subjects. Query items are similar to subsets of query subjects.
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