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1. What is Oracle?
  Oracle is relational database management system, which organizes data in the form of tables. Oracle makes efficient use of all system resources, on all hardware architecture, to deliver unmatched performance, price performance and scalability.
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2. What is Oracle table?
  • A table is the basic unit of data storage in an Oracle database.
  • The tables of a database hold all of the user accessible data.
  • Table data is stored in rows and columns.
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3. What is an Oracle view?
  A view is a virtual table. Every view has a query attached to it. (The query is a SELECT statement that identifies the columns and rows of the table(s) the view uses.)
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4. What are the collection types in oracle?
    Collection types are objects that contain multiple sets of values. There are two kinds of collection types:
  • varrays
  • object-type tables
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5. What is a tablespace?
  • A database is divided into Logical Storage Unit called tablespaces.
  • A tablespace is a logical grouping of related data.
  • In Oracle, user data is logically stored in tablespaces which is physically stored in data files.
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