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Indian Polity Questions and Answers

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121. The mother of all North India langauges is
  • A. Pali
  • B. Hindi
  • C. Sanskrit
  • D. Prakrit
122. The States of India are divided on the basis of
  • A. Language
  • B. Heritage
  • C. Architecture
  • D. Literature
123. Indian upper house is known as
  • A. the council of states
  • B. Parliament
  • C. the house of people
  • D. none of these
124. Which is the largest committee of the Indian Parliament?
  • A. The Committee on Petitions
  • B. The Public Accounts Committee
  • C. The Estimates Committee
  • D. The Rules Committee
125. Panchayat samiti exists at
  • A. Block levels
  • B. zilla level
  • C. village level
  • D. None of these