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Zoology General Awareness Questions and Answers

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29. In which animal was the AIDS was first detected?
  • A. Monkey
  • B. Rat
  • C. Rabbit
  • D. Horse
Answer: A.
30. Neurology is a science of this system
  • A. Alimentary system
  • B. Circulatory system
  • C. Nervous system
  • D. Skeletal system
Answer: D.
Skeletal system
31. Insulin is secreted by which organ of the body?
  • A. Kidney
  • B. Intestine
  • C. Stomach
  • D. Pancreas
Answer: D.
32. The urine expelled by a normal adult man is
  • A. about 1.0 litre per day
  • B. about 1.2 litre per day
  • C. about 1.4 litre per day
  • D. about 1.6 litre per day
Answer: B.
about 1.2 litre per day