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1. What is an assembly?
  Assemblies are the basic building blocks of the .NET framework. They are the logical grouping of the functionality in a physical file.
  Posted by Suparna Basu. (Sep 29, 2014)

All .net based application is compiled into single deployable unit through MSIl. That deployable unit is called aasembly.

  Posted by shashi. (Jun 17, 2014)

Assembly is a set of one or more modules and classes compiled in MSIL and metadata that describes the assembly itself,as well as the functionalities of the assembly classes.(.dll) and (.exe) files are known as assembly Assembly are the smallest deployable units of code in .Net.

  Posted by Arun kumar. (Jan 07, 2014)

Assembly is a programing and mnemonic code use.

  Posted by Diksha Yadav. (Nov 08, 2013)

Assembly is a programing system and a logical funcation the framework is a physical work.

  Posted by Megan. (Sep 21, 2013)

As assembly is also of set of program chunks which will store the logical functionality of the framework. In high level, it is the manager of programs.

  Posted by K.M.karthikeyan. (May 18, 2013)

Server file.

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2. What are different types of Assemblies?
  Single file and multi file assembly.
  • Assemblies can be static or dynamic.
  • Private assemblies and shared assemblies.
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3. What are the advantages of an assembly?
  • Increased performance.
  • Better code management and encapsulation.
  • It also introduces the n-tier concepts and business logic.
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4. What is the purpose of an Assembly?
  An assembly controls many aspects of an application. The assembly handles versioning, type and class scope, security permissions, as well as other metadata including references to other assemblies and resources. The rules described in an assembly are enforced at runtime.
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5. How to view an assembly?
  We can use the tool ildasm.exe known as Assembly Disassembler to view the assembly.
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