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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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86. The reaction between methane and chlorine in diffused sunlight is called
  • A. oxidation
  • B. addition
  • C. substitution
  • D. polymerisation
87. Protein metabolism is carried out by
  • A. Vitamin A
  • B. Vitamin B
  • C. Vitamin B2
  • D. Vitamin D
88. Which one of the following substance is used for preservation of food grains?
  • A. potassium antimony tartrate
  • B. vinegar
  • C. sodium benzoate
  • D. sodium chloride
89. The alcohol used in power alcohol is
  • A. methyl alcohol
  • B. ethyl alcohol
  • C. propanol
  • D. methyl alcohol
90. In general, a metal is extracted from its oxide ore by
  • A. oxidation process
  • B. electrolysis process
  • C. reduction process
  • D. electrolysis