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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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131. DDT was discovered by
  • A. Flemming
  • B. Banting
  • C. Edward
  • D. Paul Muller
132. Ascorbic acid is
  • A. Vitamin A
  • B. Vitamin C
  • C. Vitamin D
  • D. Acetic acid
133. Methyl alcohol is used as the indicator in the titration of
  • A. strong acid Vs weak acid
  • B. strong acid Vs weak base
  • C. weak acid Vs strong base
  • D. weak acid Vs weak base
134. Equivalent weight of an element can be obtained can be obtained by dividing the atomic weight by
  • A. atomicity
  • B. valency
  • C. number of electrons
  • D. number of protons
135. Which one of the following is Not a fossil fuel?
  • A. petrol
  • B. LPG
  • C. diesel
  • D. charcoal